Speakers 2018

'I have attended the Copenhagen TV Festival many times and I would highly recommend it! The Festival takes the best of the Danes’ innovative culture; it is where you’ll find the most creative stories, friendly and open discussions and deep thinking on the future of our TV industry.'
Linda Green, Leading Creative Talent

'As a first timer I was happily surprised of the sparkling mood of the CPH tv-festival. The set up was delightful and the speakers carefully picked. Everything was well organized. I really enjoyed the sessions - including my own.'
Hyppe Salmi, YLE – digital fictionseries “Karma”

'Copenhagen TV Festival was an amazing experience, where I met interesting people from TV companies across Europe. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to share or discover how this dynamic industry is working and changing across the globe.' 
Ellie Flynn, documentarist, BBC3

'On stage you're greeted by an audience of over a thousand people who have mastered the TV world and are hungry for knowledge about digital transformation. And in the speaker room, you're rubbing shoulders with some of the greatest directors, producers and content creators of our time. Great luminaries in one place.'
Yusuf Omar, mobile journalist

'The CPH TV Festival was insightful, entertaining and overall, an incredible experience. Not to mention—Copenhagen is just a wonderful place to be.
The CPH TV Festival was an incredible opportunity to get different and insightful perspectives on our business
I thoroughly enjoyed the CPH TV Festival—it was an incredible opportunity to meet and talk to the people behind programs I love while also hearing from experts who understand the trends in our business in a first-hand way.
The CPH TV Festival was a phenomenal experience. I was able to connect with people I have admired from afar and hear insight from people who understand the ever-changing trends in our business.'
Eric Pankowski, Carpool Karaoke Apple Series

'I was thrilled to be invited to speak at Copenhagen TV Festival 2018; the sessions were diverse, the audiences were engaging, and my moderator was wonderful. The festival was well organised, and the staff went above & beyond to ensure everyone who attended had a great time. One of the most relaxed, creative events I've been to, in one of the coolest cities I've had the pleasure of visiting - I look forward to attending again in the future!'
Amy Elizabeth Hill, ITV – making podcasts for tv-shows

'Canal rides, lots of coffee, and tasty five-course dinners! I made new friends at this festival- and learned a lot too.' 
Kelly Loudenberg, Documentarist, “The Confession Tapes”

'I found the Copenhagen TV festival to be a highly inspiring event that had me return with many fresh ideas. I was impressed by the wide range of topics and the high quality of programming, which besides Danish insights also included case studies by many international companies.'
Christian Baesler, Complex Networks

Speakers 2017

'As a guest speaker at CPH last year, I found the audiences to be crisply intelligent and highly committed to the subjects at hand, which personally added greatly to the intensity of my sessions. As far as our hosts, the festival organizers and staff were all warmly supportive, generous and just great at pulling together the numerous events and venues without a hitch. And, as an extra bonus, Copenhagen itself is a remarkable city; at once stately and magical. Overall, this was one of the most delightful and engaging teaching/talking events I've ever experienced.' 
Richard Price, creator and screenwriter, 'The Night of', 'The Wire' etc.

'I was honored to participate at Copenhagen TV Festival 2017. I thoroughly enjoy presenting to such a large and engaged audience who were hungry for the balance of both knowledge and inspiration. I would be thrilled to participate again in the future, the people really are awesome.' 
David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL

'I was thrilled to have been included in the Copenhagen TV Festival. The event was run by a very warm and welcoming staff who made the experience an enjoyable and seamless one. The festival highlighted a diverse array of panelists and shows, facilitating discussions I feel are important in today's media culture.'
Jennifer Flanz, Executive Producer, The Daily Show

'It was a real pleasure being invited to Copenhagen TV Festival. The panel was really well run, with a packed audience who had lots of great questions and then an amazing dinner where I met lots of interesting people. Even better, it takes place in one of the coolest cities I've been to!'
Max Gogarty, editor, BBC3

'It's good opportunity to meet special people who were behind chronicle that spotted on the most essential subjects at our planet, for me it's take me deeply to discuss the stories behind making my film last men in Aleppo and left me with more inspired questions for my next project.'
Firas Fayyad, Filmdirector, “Last men in Aleppo”

'The Copenhagen TV Festival was filled with fascinating topics and excellent speakers.  I enjoyed attending many sessions beyond the lecture and workshop I presented.  The staff was extremely professional and well organized.  They made it easy to participate. Copenhagen is a truly lovely city.  And the festival location was spectacular. My greatest hope is they invite me back one day!'
Laurie Hutzler, Story and characterconsultant

'It was both an honor and a pleasure participating in the recent 2017 Copenhagen TV Festival. The festival was extremely well organized, the audience were fully engaged and the event agenda thoughtfully curated with speakers and topics that were both relevant and interesting.'
Mark Joseph, Managing Director Europe, Awesomenesstv

'The Copenhagen TV Festival is an excellent opportunity to meet industry professionals from around the world to discuss and share the challenges as well as the success stories we’ve all experienced to help us grow in our field. It’s a place where we not only established some great connections but also got to explore the beauty of Copenhagen. A personal highlight was definitely the boat ride to the speakers’ dinner so if you have a chance to attend any planned events make sure you don’t miss them. A massive thank you and well done to the organizers for such a warm and thoughtful welcoming'.
Marina Kosareva, correspondent, Documentary Channel RTD

'I had a great time at the Copenhagen TV Festival. It's rare to find an event where the organisers let creativity and culture speak for themselves - rather than panels of sponsors rehearsing their talking points the festival was crammed with an eclectic and thought provoking schedule across every aspect of storytelling on screens. Smoothly organised and with a friendly, approachable feel - highly recommended.'
Nicholas Walters, CEO, Hopster.tv

'I returned to Copenhagen for the TV Festival after a 5 year gap and it is great to see how it has expanded, includes English language sessions and globally relevant content. I look forward to attending again in the future.'
Mike Beale, Managing Director Nordics & Global Creative Network, ITV

'2017 was my first visit to the Copenhagen TV Festival and it was a great experience. I attended many excellent sessions and I look forward to attending again in the future.'
Andy Cadman, Executive Producer, ITV