Fra webserien "Karma" - produceret til Instagram Stories


18. juli 2018

Hvordan producerer du til platforme som Facebook Watch og Instagram Stories?

With so many different platforms, there are so many different techniques, rules and formats.

Meet Hyppe Salmi from YLE in Finland who produced the webseries for young people “Karma” for Instagram Stories. The series is about three young women who live together. It was a real time event. The viewers were expected to follow the story as it was shared. Each clip/scene/episode was available only for the 24 hours allowed by the application. Pre-rehearsed scenes were shot and shared in real time with no editing or other post-production.

The aim was to produce intimate and effective drama with mobile accessibility for everyone, with small production resources. The scripted characters and scenes feel real because they are set in real life, real time, and everyone can participate. The viewers were able to interact with the Karma team through the Instagram account and be a part of the story.

On stage you will also hear from Jeroen Koopman, creative producer at NewBe. NewBe produces impactful fiction and non-fiction productions for a young audience on all platforms. NewBe was the first in the Netherlands to fully focus on the crossover between TV and online content. Jeroen will talk about producing for Facebook and other digital platforms.

Successful content creation calls for deep knowledge of how the target audience uses the platform – down to the most practical level. The tones and details become all-important when the viewer makes quick decisions, with just a touch of a fingertip.
Join this session to learn about the rules, techniques and experiences from working with different platforms and in different formats.