Foto: Yle Jyrki Valkama


Executive producer, Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle.

Hyppe Salmi is an executive producer in Finnish Broadcasting Company, Yle.

Hyppe is fascinated about all the possibilities the social media platforms offer to the new type of storytelling. “Karma” was the first drama series ever made for Instagram Stories. The real time drama was shot by phone and the young audience could participate to the story during the three days event.

During the last six years, Hyppe has worked with other successful online contents for young audiences. She is especially proud of the short form fictions series: the award-winning “#lovemilla”, game-changing campaign “Mental” dealing with mental problems of the teens, and “The Dragonslayer666” that became a phenomena within the most difficult audience, the teenage boys and young men from the gaming community.

At the moment Hyppe is working with several online short form fiction series for young adults. She is also creating another Instagram Stories drama series that is going to make the nightmares of the teenagers true by revealing the huge difference between the public and the private.