Managing Director, K7 Media

Keri founded K7 Media in 1998 as an independent organisation providing media intelligence to broadcasters, producers, distributors and advertisers. Keri has driven the company’s growth from breakaway start-up to a global media consultancy providing insights to a client base across the world.

Before founding K7 Media, Keri was Head of International Sales for production company, Action Time, where she led the rapid expansion of international format sales, making her one of the first to explore the potential of global programming.

She is based at K7 Media’s headquarters in Manchester and in March 2015 was appointed to the Management Board of FRAPA (Format Recognition and Protection Association) which aims to protect the intellectual property of television formats. She is fiercely opposed to the practice of format piracy.

Keri first spoke at the Danish TV Festival back in 2004. In 2006 she predicted that the power of television to ‘inform and entertain’ will remain for considerable time to come but that we need to tell the old stories in a new way. In 2015 she claimed that we will never again see the ‘Next Big Thing’ in unscripted television.

This year, she gets right back to basics to ask ‘What is Television?’. Stay tuned.