25. april 2018

We can now present the theme for Copenhagen TV Festival 2018. 

We have talked a lot about transformation and what will happen in the future; but now it is NOW. The transformation is reality. The future is now. At this year's festival the program focuses on the latest knowledge, experiences, grips and players.

The chairman of the festival program committee Irene Strøyer elaborates on:

"We have long talked about the big transformation in our industry. That soon everything will be turned upside down. Soon everything will look different. But it happens now ...
News must reinvent themselves on the digital platforms. As never before, we're publishing streaming and spitting stories on new platforms. But what is still working on flow? What new tools are in the toolbox? How should we act in the new media reality? How do we still find and tell the best stories to our viewers?
We need to talk about the changes that happen in our industry. In other words, it's time to put the future talk in a contemporary perspective and become concrete!"

There are 300 early bird tickets for sale at a lower price than last year, and then the price increases by 500 dkk. Buy now and name the ticket/change the name of the tickets closer to the festival.

Buy your early bird ticket HERE

The 29th to 30th. August about 150 speakers will be on stage in around 50 sessions over two days.