1. august 2017

At Copenhagen TV Festival you can watch the first episode from two of the biggest new tv series premiering this autumm!

Screening; first episode of "Ride upon the dtorm" - with english subtitles.

DR's new Sunday drama is called 'Ride Upon the Storm' - screening with english subtitles and presentation by writer Adam Price.

'The Way of the Lord' is a family drama about the modern humans faith and doubt. The focus point of the story is the Krogh family - a 250-year-old priestfamily, consisting of Johannes, his wife Elisabeth and their two sons August and Christian.

When we meet the Krogh family, Johannes is faced with the opportunity of his life as he stands up for the bishop's election in Copenhagen's Stift. But it's not just Johannes, who is meeting a dramatic time. Both his sons begins a changing journey, while Elisabeth begins questioning her own role in the priesthood.

The whole family, Krogh, is meeting a fateful year, where their paths changes dramatically and they are challenged in their personal beliefs.

In the lead, Lars Mikkelsen is John, Ann Eleonora Jørgensen as his wife and Simon Sears and Morten Hee Andersen in the roles of their two sons Christian and August.

The Lord's ways are in 20 episodes in total.

First season is premiered on DR1 Sunday, September 24th, at. 20:00, but you can see the first episode of the festival!

With english subtitles.

Screening; first episode of Norskov second season - with english subtitles.

TV 2's popular drama series about the city that does not intend to die will be back this autumn with brand new episodes in a season 2.

The city Norskov is in a chaos. The city's contractor "the farmer" has been unveiled as a drug dealer, and family secrets has been revealed. Both Tom, Martin, Jackie, Oliver and Claudia can feel the consequences.

Norskov is changing, and the same are Norskov's people. None of them can change where they come from, but they can change where they are heading. In the new season, old connections have been broken and alliances are weakened and new connections are being created. Friendships, family ties and the city's rules are thrown into the air. Who can you trust and where do you belong to?

On the role list, we again meet Claus Riis Østergaard, Thomas Levin, Jacob Hauberg Lohmann, Anne So e Espersen, Mathias Käki Jørgensen, Marijana Jankovic, Henrik Birch and others. Like the first season, the new season takes place in and around Frederikshavn in Jutland.

'Norskov' won this year's TV Prize 2017 for best TV series, and in 2016 the series TV-Gulden Billedblad's TV show for this year's new TV show.

See first episode before everyone else!

Screenwriter Dunja Gry Jensen and Jesper Morthorst will present the screening!