22. august 2018

Kelly Loudenberg, the creator of the true crime series The Confession Tapes will show her methods. 

The Confession Tapes: Driven by the passion for justice

Kelly Loudenberg, the creator and director of the true crime series The Confession Tapes will tell us a fascinating story of how a small (con amore) art project created a need for justice in her and made her do a seven episode Netflix series that sheds a new light on systemic problems in the criminal system in America.

Kelly Loudenberg will take us behind the scenes of the making of a series for Netflix and reveal to us her working methods and the terms of production.

Loudenberg will talk about how she got access to the six very different murder cases, how she worked with the (allegedly false) confession tapes and different kinds of archive material that are used in the series and how she did the very honest interviews with convicted persons and their relatives, police, lawyers etc.

Kelly will also talk about how the production worked in terms of time, crew, planning, and how she worked with plots, narrative and characters.

Kelly Loudenberg will be interviewed by Mette Heide (Plus Pictures) and Kelly will show different clips to illustrate her points. The session will be useful for everybody who works with the creative or planning process of a documentary series.

This session is organized by a member of the programme comittee Nynne Duvå Hall.

Read more about the series here