Vice President of Interactivity, The Future Group

Ellen Lyse Einarsen has been a part of the games industry since 2007, and started out casting and directing the voiceovers for Funcom's MMORPG "Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures". By the time the game went live, she was Associate Producer, and went on to work on the game's first expansion pack; "The Road to Khitai" along with live maintenance. A screenwriter by trade, and project lead by experience, Ellen always keeps story and characters in focus. She has done extensive research on how to evoke empathy in games and was awarded a research fellow grant on the topic in 2010 by the Norwegian Film School.

Her experience in live development spans several platforms, from MMORPGs like "Age of Conan – Hyborian Adventures", to Facebook titles like "Suburbia" and latest mobile games, with "Angry Birds Epic" and "Sacred Legends", and this has given her a great toolset for do's and don'ts in live operations. Ellen has been a board member of the Screenwriters Guild of Norway, and has written one produced feature film and several episodes of various Norwegian TV series. She has taught storytelling for games at three universities, and is an avid missionary for getting more women in lead positions in the games industry. She is VP of Interactivity at The Future Group.

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