Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses 2018
Tuesday 28th of August 2018 


09.30: Coffee and registration

10:00: Masterclass with Bruce Miller, The Handmaid's Tale

13:00 Lunch

14:00: Masterclass "What does it take to be a creative producer" with
          Andy Harries, The Crown
          Tobias Lindholm, Mindhunter
          Charlotte Sieling, Broen
          Peter Bose, The Rain
          John Fasting og Vegard Stenberg, Heimebane

18.00: Dinner, compliments of Viaplay
Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses take place at

Den Danske Filmskole (The Danish Film School)
Theodor Christensens Plads 1
1437 Copenhagen K

Only screenwriters, producers and directors of the Nordic countries can participate and only with an official invitation. 

Official hashtag: @cphtvseries




Bruce Miller at Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses.

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses is a full-day event that takes place the day before Copenhagen TV Festival opens. The program consist of two masterclasses and each year gathers around 170 writers, directors and producers from all of Scandinavia for inspiration and networking. 

All tickets are sold out. Participants is by-invitation-only. 


Masterclass with Bruce Miller, The Handmaid´s Tale
Moderator: Liselott Forsmann, Executive Drama Producer, YLE

We are very proud to be able to present Bruce Miller who has been the main writer, show runner and executive producer on the highly succesful series, The Handmaid’s Tale. A series based on writer Margaret Atwood’s novel by the same name.

In his masterclass, Bruce Miller will tell all about how the series came to life and answer questions from the audience during the talk.

Bruce Miller has won a large number of awards for his work on the series; Best Drama Series and Best Script at the Emmys, a Golden Globe, a Peabody Award, and a Critics’ Choice Award. 

Masterclass with focus on the creative producer

Moderator: Linda Green, Founder and Director, Leading Creative Talent and former Head of Creative Leadership, BBC.

Linda Green’s focus in this masterclass will be on the creative producer – under the headline: the creative vision, the creative process and the creative people.

The masterclass will focus on the skills and knowledge required for a creative producer to succeed in producing award-winning TV series. Selling your creative vision through the creative purpose, different ways to manage a complex shooting process, and inspiring and developing your creative resources are all subjects that will be covered in the masterclass. 

Andy Harries, The Crown

The first session will focus on how the original vision for The Crown is sustained. Andy Harries, executive producer of The Crown and director of Left Bank Pictures, gives his take on how to create a global succes. Andy will describe the creative vision of The Crown and explains why the team behind the series thinks the series has become a succes. His session will also include a talk about the challenges that they have experienced with creating relevance for the audience in the ambitious series.

Tobias Lindholm, Mindhunter, A War, Borgen
Charlotte Sieling, Broen, Homeland, Tyrant
Peter Bose, The Rain, 1864, Those who kill

The proces of producing has become more and more complicated with co-produktions, co-finansers, many different platforms and global companies.

How does a producer stay loyal to the creative ambition for the content produced whilst keeping track of the complex creative proces? How is it to work with a OTT service versus a European multi financing structure? Which skills are needed to handle issues and overcome challenges? How does one go about persuading others to delivering the creative ambition on time and within budget limits? Questions like these will be answered in this masterclass by Tobias Lindholm, writer and director, and Peter Bose, producer and CEO of Miso Film.

Vegard Stenberg and John Fasting, Heimebane

As a creative leader, the one who stands up for the vision, the problem solver etc., what is essential when it comes to inspiring others, cooperating, respecting the creative autonomy of others, and guiding new creative concepts? This session will feature producer Vegard Stenberg who has developed new creative talents and supported countless teams into developing succesful, innovative dramas through working with talent development in new ways. Also featured will be John Fasting, writer and creator of the Norwegian series Hjemmebane. Vegard and John will talk about their creative cooperation.

NB. Changes to the program might occur. 

The organisation behind Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses/strong>

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses is co-arranged by Copenhagen TV Festival and Copenhagen Film Fund. The program has been developed in cooperation with the following two committees:

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses program committee:

Camilla Ahlgren
Christian Torpe
Christian Rank (DR)
Caroline Gjerulff (Copenhagen Film Fund)
Thomas Gammeltoft (Copenhagen FIlm Fund)
Maria Hougaard (Copenhagen TV Festival/ Producentforeningen)
Mette Sig (Copenhagen TV Festival/ Producentforeningen)

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses executive committee:

Kathrine Vogelsang (TV 2)
Christian Rank (DR)
Nanna Mailand (Viaplay)
Anna Croneman (SVT)
Ivar Køhn (NRK)
Liselott Forsman (YLE)
Hanne Palmquist (HBO Nordic)
Thomas Gammeltoft (Copenhagen Film Fund)
Mette Sig (Copenhagen TV Festival/ Producentforeningen)

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses is currently supported by:

Nordisk Film & TV Fond
Copenhagen Film Fund
Det Danske Filminstitut (The Danish Film Institute)
Nordic Entertainment Group
Danske Dramatikere
Den Danske Filmskoles Efteruddannelse
Upright Music