Masterclasses 2018 is held on the 27.-28. August 2018 - details will follow!

Program for Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses 2017

North European Premiere of the entire season 2 of Top of the Lake: China Girl
15 August
4 pm – 11 pm

Special guest: Jane Campion, the series's co-creator and director, sets the stage and talks about the work on Top of the Lake: China Girl. 

Grand Theater, Mikkel Bryggers Street 8, 1460 Copenhagen 

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses
16 August

9.00-9.30: Coffee and registration

9.30: Masterclass 1 with Richard Price

12.30: Lunch

13.30: Masterclass 2 with Jane Campion

16.30: Cava & Tapas

18.30: Boat Trip to Copenhagen TV                    Festival's Opening Night 

19-23.00: Copenhagen TV Festivals
Opening Night at the Royal Playhouse.
Presentation by Jane Campion.
Screening of episode 1 & 2 of Top of The Lake: China Girl. 

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses are held at:

The National Film School of Denmark
Theodor Christensensens Plads 1
1437 København K

Only writers, directors, producers and broadcasters from Nordic countries can attend and only by invitation. 

Official hashtag: @cphtvseries

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses

Organized by Copenhagen TV Festival in collaboration with Copenhagen Film Fund

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclass 2018 is held on the 27.-28. August 2018 - details will follow!

Masterclasses 2017 with Jane Campion and Richard Price

We are honored to present director and creator Jane Campion and her long awaited 2nd season of "Top of the Lake". 
In 2013 she created and directed the Golden-globe awarded first season of "Top of the Lake" with the truth-seeking detective Robin Griffin played by Elisabeth Moss. Now she is back with the 2nd season, "Top Of The Lake: China Girl” with Elisabeth Moss, Nicole Kidman and Daniel Dencik. 

We are also very honored to present Richard Price as the second speaker at Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses. He is behind "The Night Of" that premiered at HBO in 2016. He is a respected author of books and TV Series and he participated in writing the price-winning "The Wire".

The program is created in collaboration between Copenhagen TV Festival and Copenhagen Film Fund. We offer the delegates a rare opportunity to experience an in depth dialogue session with some of the world’s best drama creators and to ask their own specific questions.  

Nordic premiere of "Top of the Lake: China Girl" on August 15
All participants will be invited to the exclusive Nordic premiere on the entire second season of "Top of the Lake" on August 15.

Copenhagen TV Festival´s Opening Night at The Royal Playhouse
All participants will be invited to a reception by the harbour at the Royal Playhouse. The reception will be followed by opening speeches and the introduction of Top of the Lake: China Girl by Jane Campion. Finally there will be a screening of the first two episodes. 

The idea behind Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses is for top creatives within the TV drama industry to meet, network, and learn from each other as well as from worldclass leaders of the field. It is not about financing and pitching of TV-shows, but instead about creating a platform with focus on the creators.

The aim is to exchange, educate and inspire, to help develop relationships between the Nordic countries and thereby improve Nordic TV drama productions, building on the momentum of all the successful shows from the Nordics in recent years.

The TV Series Masterclasses is an exclusive event by invitation with a maximum of 160 delegates. Only directors, writers and producers and broadcasters from Nordic countries can receive an invitation. In 2016 the event was sold out.

Ticket prices
All pricess are VAT included 

Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses ticket 
3125 DKK

Copenhagen TV Festival & Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses ticket
5625 DKK

Discount for festival
Delegates will be eligible to buy a ticket for Copenhagen TV Festival at a favorable rate and benefit from the full festival program in the following days. This includes participating in sessions and special screenings. Contact Susanne Hodges at susanne@cphtvfestival if you are participating in the masterclasses and also wish to purchase a festival ticket.